Champaign City Council - 4/18/17

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City Council Meeting Call to Order 00:00:16

Special Recognition 00:01:19

CB2017-080/081 00:12:52

Reallocation of Private Activity Bond; Transfer of Volume Cap in Connection with Private Activity Bond Issues

CB2017-082 00:14:25

Agreement for the 2017 Pygmalion Tech Conference

CB2017-083 00:19:14

Approving Amendment 2 to DS Volition Covenants and Development Agreement

CB2017-084 00:20:54

Approving a Development Agreement with the University of Illinois Research Park LLC

CB2017-085 00:22:26

Aprroving a Final Major Planned Development for a Mixed Use Building

CB2017-086 00:23:19

Agreement with the Illinois Department of Transportation for Improvements

CB2017-087 00:24:29

Agreement for the 2017 Bituminous Overlay Project

CB2017-088 00:26:51

Bid for the 2017 Sewer Rehabilitation Project

CB2017-089 00:29:09

Bid for the 2017 Storm Sewer Cleaning and Televising Project

CB2017-090/091/092 00:31:05

Bid and Authorizing the City Manager to Execute an Agreement for the Chester Street and Water Street Improvements Project; Approving an Engineering Services Agreement; Authorizing a Letter of Understanding with Illinois American Water Company for Replacement of Water Main

CB2017-093 00:36:16

"Accepting a Proposal for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, Mechanical and Repair Services"

CB2017-094 00:38:30

Purchase of Two Vehicles and Declaring Two Vehicles as Surplus Property

CB2017-095/096 00:39:48

Appointing Michael La Due to the Champaign Public Library Board of Trustees; Appointing Michael La Due to the Champaing Public Library Board of Trustees

Audience Participation 00:43:46

Council and City Manager Comments 01:00:24

Vouchers & Payroll 01:46:24

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