Champaign City Council - 5/16/17

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Special Recognition 00:01:09

CB2017-104 00:05:09

Building Safety Codes

CB2017-105 00:11:20

Approving Change Order to an Agreement for Professional Services

CB2017-106 00:12:25

"Purchase of an Aerial Ladder Truck and Associated Equipment, Tools and Training, Declaring One Aerial Ladder Truck as Surplus Property"

CB2017-107 00:15:14

Approving Contracts to Acquire 115 E. Roper and 1410 N. Market in Bristol Place

CB2017-108 00:16:22

"Authorizing the City Manager to Enter into a Development Agreement with OMW, LLC"

CB2017-109 00:18:24

Purchase of Professional Services to Prepare the Placemaking Plan and Concept Design for Downtown Plaza

CB2017-110 00:19:22

Accepting Jurisdiction of Kirby Avenue Between Staley Rd. and Duncan Rd.

CB2017-111 00:26:20

Approving the Addendum No. 2 to the Tiger VI Grant Agreement

CB2017-112 00:27:23

Authorizing the Purchase of Four Vehicles and Declaring Four Vehicles as Surplus Property

CB2017-113 00:29:49

Accepting a Bid for the 2017 Sewer Lining Project

CB2017-114 00:30:55

Accepting a Proposal for Roofing Maintenance and Repair Services

CB2017-115 00:31:54

Approving the Annual Budget for the Champaign-Urbana Solid Waste Disposal System for FY17/18

CB2017-116 00:33:03

Accepting Bid and Authorizing the City Manager to Execute an Agreement for 2017 Pavement Marking Project

CB2017-117 00:39:32

Appointing a Council Member as Deputy Mayor

Vouchers & Payroll 00:42:33

Study Session 00:44:09

Budget Memo 2017/2018: Sanitary Sewer Fee

Study Session 00:57:56

Budget Memo 2017/2018: Capital Improvement Plan

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