Champaign City Council - 6/13/17

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City Council Meeting Call to Order 00:00:16

Special Recognition 00:01:05

Public Hearing 00:02:35

CB2017-138 00:04:23

Approving a Change Order to an Agreement for Professional Services

CB2017-139 00:05:32

Approving and Authorizing the Execution of Bristol Place Redevelopment Documents Directed to the Illinois Housing Development Authority

CB2017-140 00:06:46

Authorizing the Acquisition of 109 and 110 E. Roper Street

Audience Participation 00:08:33

Council and City Manager Comments 00:08:57

Vouchers & Payroll 00:12:02

Study Session 00:13:53

FY 16/17 Summer Youth Employment Program Update

Study Session 01:13:19

Council Goal Update: Youth Assessment Center

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