Champaign City Council - 9/19/17

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City Council Meeting Call to Order 00:00:16

Special Recognition 00:01:49

Public Hearings 00:13:17

CB2017-187 00:14:22

"Amending Sections of the Champaign Municipal Code, 1985 Administration City Council Rules of Order"

CB2017-188 00:15:41

Approving the Area of General Plan for a Forty-Acre Parcel Commonly Located at 4010 South Rising Rd.

CB2017-189/190 00:16:42

Approving a Grant Agreement with United States Government and and Intergovernmental Agreement; Amending the Annual Budget for the General Fund

Audience Participation 00:20:07

Council and City Manager Comments 00:22:51

Vouchers & Payroll 00:23:31

Study Session 00:25:05

Regulation of Video Gaming

Study Session 01:14:43

Hill Street Parking Deck Equipment Purchase

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