Champaign City Council - 10/17/17

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City Council Meeting Call to Order 00:00:15

CB2017-199 00:02:08

Purchase of Fire Equipment and Declaring One Rescue Squad as Surplus Property

CB2017-200 00:04:49

Approving Contracts to Demolish Various Properties Located in Bristol Place

CB2017-201 00:07:24

Authorizing the City Manager to Execute an Amended and Restated Development Agreement

CB2017-202 00:12:04

Annexing Territory Pursuant to Petition

CB2017-203 00:13:27

Accepting a Proposal for the Purchase and Installation of Fully Automated Entrance and Exit Equipment for the Hill Street Parking Deck

CB2017-204/205 00:14:48

Reappointing Bret Kroencke to the Plan Commission; Appointing Phillip Trautman Jr. to the Plan Commission

Audience Participation 00:16:19

Council and City Manager Comments 00:31:33

Vouchers & Payroll 00:38:56

Study Session 00:39:39

CU Fresh Start Gun Violence Deterrence Initiative - Phase 1 Evaluation

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