Champaign City Council - 11/7/17

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City of Champaign Township 00:00:16

City Council Meeting Call to Order 00:10:44

Special Recognition 00:11:47

CB2017-206/207/208 00:14:32

Adopting a Plan of Finance for the West Washington Street Drainage Improvement Project; Stormwater Utility Fee; Amending the City's Financial Policies Regarding the Stormwater Management Fund

CB2017-209 00:19:25

Authorizing the City Manager to Reject a Proposal from Safeworks Illinois

CB2017-210 00:21:02

Authorizing the Purchase of a Phone System and Corresponding Network Improvements

CB2017-211 00:22:18

Amending Council Policy Regarding New Small Business Incentive Program and Codifying Such Policy

CB2017-212 00:25:02

Purchase and Installation of Digital Video Recording Systems

CB2017-213 00:26:03

Accepting a Bid for the Fire Station No. 6 HVAC Modification Project

CB2017-214 00:28:58

Accepting a Bid for the Fire Station No. 1 Electrical Modification Project

CB2017-215/216 00:29:59

Appointing Jon Paul Youakim to Zoning Board of Appeals; Appointing Tod Satterthwaite to the Historic Preservation Commission

Audience Participation 00:31:37

Council and City Manager Comments 00:42:37

Vouchers & Payroll 00:50:56

Study Session 00:52:31

Proposed 2017 Property Tax Levy

Study Session 01:02:05

Financial Forecast

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