Champaign City Council - 12/5/17

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Champaign City Government 101 Graduation Ceremony 00:00:16

City of Champaign Township 00:07:50

City Council Meeting Call to Order 00:13:13

Special Recognition 00:14:17

Public Hearing 00:18:32

CB2017-227 00:20:03

Designating 603 West Church Street as a Local Landmark

CB2017-228/229 03:03:50

Designating 500 West Church Street as a Local Landmark; Designating 606 West Church Street as a Local Landmark

CB2017-230 03:26:07

Authorizing Settlement

CB2017-231/232 03:27:27

Amending Chapter 1 of the Champaign Municipal Code - Acceptance of Online Pavements - Fees; Amending the City's Financial Policies Regarding Acceptance of Online Payments

CB2017-233 03:28:33

Approving the Purchase of Annual Licensing for Software Maintenance and Technical Support Renewal

CB2017-234 03:29:30

"Approving an Annexation Agreement Amendment Between the City of Champaign and Suzanne McGath, Steven Meyer, and Linda Meyer"

CB2017-235 03:30:58

Amending Section 37-204 Chapter 37 of the Champaign Municipal Code - Special Yard Requirements

CB2017-236 03:39:27

Approving Contracts to Demolish Various Properties Located in Bristol Place

CB2017-237/238 03:40:56

Approving Professional Services Agreement for the City's Municipal Electricity Aggregation Program; Authorizing the City Manager to Enter into an Agreement for the Purchase of Electricity

CB2017-239 03:42:50

Accepting a Proposal for the 2018 Tree and Stump Removal Project

Council and City Manager Comments 03:47:04

Vouchers & Payroll 03:48:44

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