Champaign City Council - 5/21/24

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5/21/2024 12:00:00 AM


City Council Meeting Call to Order 00:00:16

Special Recognition 00:01:32

Police Oaths

CB2024-073 00:06:38

A Resolution Appointing Members to the City Council Compensation Task Force in the City of Champaign

CB2024-074 00:07:25

A Resolution Accepting a Proposal for Records Management Consulting Services

CB2024-075 00:08:12

A Resolution Accepting a Bid for the Purchase and Delivery of Bulk Fuel

CB2024-076/077 00:09:02

"A Resolution Approving an Engineering Services Agreement with Clark Dietz, Inc. for the 2025 Concrete Street Improvements Project; A Resolution for Improvement of Streets by Municipalities Under the Illinois Highway Code "

CB2024-078 00:10:38

"A Resolution Accepting a Grant Award with the State of Illinois, Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, for Phase 2 of the Downtown Plaza Project"

CB2024-079 00:19:47

A Resolution Appointing Will Kyles to the Champaign County Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors in the City of Champaign

Public Comment 00:20:59

Vouchers and Payroll 01:05:38

Study Session 01:06:28

City Council Vacancy - District 3

Study Session 01:14:55

Budget Wrap-up

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