Champaign City Council - 4/3/18

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City of Champaign Township 00:00:16

City Council Meeting Call to Order 00:03:19

Special Recognition 00:04:20

CB2018-039 00:06:36

"Accepting the Bid for Tree, Debris and Fencing Removal on Various Properties in Bristol Place"

CB2018-040 00:07:49

"Amending Council Policies for The Major Redevelopment Incentive Program, Minor Redevelopment Incentive Program, New Construction Assistance Program, Residential Redevelopment Incentive and Storefront Improvement Program"

CB2018-041 00:08:58

Objecting to a Grant of Two Major Variations

CB2018-042 00:10:53

Accepting a Bid and Authorizing the City Manager to Execute an Agreement for the 2018 Concrete Street Improvements Project

CB2018-043 00:11:55

Authorizing the Purchase of One Backhoe and Declaring One Backhoe Surplus

CB2018-044 00:13:00

"Designating a Portion of Grove Street as Honorary Bishop Robert L. Perry, Jr."

Audience Participation 00:13:49

Council and City Manager Comments 00:20:20

Vouchers & Payroll 00:23:30

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