Champaign City Council - 7/17/18

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City of Champaign Township Special Meeting 00:00:16

City Council Meeting Call to Order 00:04:42

Public Hearings 00:06:55

CB2018-112 00:09:09

Vacating a Public Right-of-Way and Waving the Council Policy on Brick Street Preservation

CB2018-113 00:19:50

Reappointing Kim Nystrom to the Board of Fire & Police Commissioners

CB2018-114 00:20:44

Reappointing Neil Strack to the Code Review and Appeals Board;

CB2018-115/116/117/118/119/120 00:21:13

"Reappointing Tod Satterthwaite and Barbara Ford to Historic Preservation Commission; Appointing Robin McClain, Diamond Walker, and Brian Alexander-Ward, and Reappointing Alissia Young to the Human relations Commission; Appointing Richard Weibl to the Neighborhood Services Advisory Board; Reappointing Marty Carlson and Terry Dudley to the Plan Commission; Reappointing Jared Fritz to the Zoning Board of Appeals; Reappointing Karie Blakeman, Mark Ballard, and Trisha Crowley to the Champaign Public Library Board of Trustees"

CB2018-121 00:24:13

Correcting Terms of Office for Members of Certain Boards and Commissions

Audience Participation 00:25:06

Council and City Manager Comments 00:30:42

Vouchers & Payroll 00:31:01

Study Session 00:31:45

Vehicle for Hire Code Language Modifications

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