Champaign City Council - 8/21/18

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City Council Meeting Call to Order 00:00:16

Special Recognition 00:01:23

CB2018-131 00:11:55

Amending Sections 12.5-38 12.5-44 12.5-68 and 25.5-7 of the Champaign Municipal Code 1985 (Finances and Purchases)

CB2018-132/133 00:15:06

"Amending Chapter 36 of the Champaign Municipal code, 1985 (Vehicles for Hire)/Amending Section 19-14(c) of the Champaign Municipal Code 1985 (Licenses and Permits)"

CB2018-134 00:16:55

Approving the Final Plat of Phase One of the Gateway Exchange Subdivision (located at 3607 S. Duncan Rd.)

CB2018-135 00:17:54

Approving the Preliminary/Final Plat of The Havens at Market Place Subdivision

CB2018-136 00:24:31

Designating a Portion of Hill Street as Honorary Robert Grossman Way

CB2018-137 00:25:19

Approving an Engineering Services Agreement for the 2019 Infrastructure Maintenance Project

Vouchers & Payroll 00:26:49

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