Champaign City Council - 9/18/18

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City Council Meeting Call to Order 00:00:16

Special Recognition 00:01:15

Public Hearings 00:05:34

CB2018-145 00:06:46

Authorizing the Purchase of Scanning and microfilming Services

CB2018-146 00:08:23

Adding Section 27.5-402.1 to the Champaign Municipal Code 1985

CB2018-147 00:11:11

Approving the Preliminary Plat of the Subdivision of Union Gardens

CB2018-148 00:20:39

Amending the Zoning Map of the City of Champaign to Rezone Property at 1402 North Fourth Street

CB2018-149 00:25:39

"Amending Chapter 37 of the Champaign Municipal Code, 1985"

CB2018-150/151 02:44:25

Approving a Grant Agreement with the United States Government and an Intergovernmental Agreement; Amending the Annual Budget for the General Fund

CB2018-152/153 02:46:34

Adopting a City Policy for Snow and Ice Control; Adopting a City Policy for Yard Waste and Holiday Tree Collection

CB2018-154 02:47:45

Designating a Portion of Fourth Street as Honorary WBCP Radio Way

Vouchers & Payroll 02:48:44

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