Champaign City Council - 2/5/19

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City of Champaign Township 00:00:16

City Council Meeting Call to Order 00:05:53

Special Recognition 00:06:47

Public Hearings 00:08:49

CB2018-172 00:12:43

"Vacating a Public Right-of-Way, Reserving an Easement, and Waiving the Council Policy on Brick Street Preservation"

CB2019-010 00:14:04

Approving a Planned Development for 610 W. University Avenue

CB2019-011 00:38:36

Approving a Planned Development for 913 Crescent Drive

CB2019-012 00:41:15

Authorizing the City Manager to Execute a Collective Bargaining Agreement

CB2019-013 00:42:42

Approving an Agreement for the Renewal of Merchant Card Services

CB2019-014 00:43:40

"Authorizing the Purchase and Replacement of Mobile Data Computers, Associated Hardware, Mounting Solutions, and Service Agreement"

CB2019-015 00:44:46

"Approving a Special Use Permit to Allow a Parking Lot in the CB1, Central Business Urban Fringe Zoning District"

CB2019-016 01:00:08

Approving the Final Plat of Union Gardens Subdivision

CB2019-017 01:04:27

Adopting the Neil Street Plaza Placemaking Plan as City Council Policy

CB2019-018 01:05:22

Approving a Planned Development for 803 South McKinley Avenue

Audience Participation 01:20:57

Council and City Manager Comments 01:37:24

Vouchers & Payroll 01:45:05

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