Champaign City Council - 11/19/19

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Government 101 Graduation Certificates 00:00:16

City Council Meeting Call to Order/Special Recgonition 00:09:13

Public Hearing 00:14:58

2019 Estimated Property Tax Levy Public Hearing

CB2019-201 00:16:08

"An Ordinance Amending Sections 5-32, 5-36, 5-36.1, and 5-36.2 of the Champaign Municipal Code, 1985, as Amended"

CB2019-202 00:29:39

A Resolution Approving the Final Plat of Third Replat of Meijer Subdivision

CB2019-203 00:30:41

A Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of One Combination Sewer Cleaning Vacuum Truck and Declaring One Combination Sewer Cleaning Vacuum Truck to be Surplus

CB2019-204 00:31:55

A Resolution Accepting a Bid for the Purchase of One Sign Utility Truck and Declaring One Sign Utility Truck to be Surplus

CB2019-205 00:33:59

A Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of Three Vehicles Utilizing the Illinois State Joint Purchasing Program and Declaring Three Vehicles as Surplus Property

Audience Participation 00:36:41

Council and City Manager Comments 00:44:30

Vouchers & Payroll 00:45:24

Study Session 00:46:56

The 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan Update

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