Champaign City Council - 4/21/20

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City Council Meeting Call to Order 00:00:16

CB2020-034/035/036 00:02:37

"A Special Ordinance Authorizing the Ceding of Private Activity Bonding Authority; An Ordinance Reallocating $3,081,015.00 of the City of Champaign, Illinois 2020 Private Activity Bond Allocation to the Illinois Housing Development Authority; An Ordinance Approving the Transfer of Volume Cap in Connection with Private Activity Bond Issues, and Related Matters"

CB2020-037 00:05:11

A Resolution Approving an Agreement for the Purchase of Professional Medical Consultant Services

CB2020-038 00:06:35

"A Resolution Approving a Change Order with Pierce Manufacturing, Inc. for Frame Replacement and Repairs on Pierce Fire Apparatus and Approving an Amendment to a Settlement Agreement"

CB2020-039 00:08:33

An Ordinance Approving Emergency Orders

Council Comments 00:10:37

Vouchers & Payroll 00:12:00

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