Champaign City Council - 5/19/20

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City Council Meeting Call to Order 00:00:16

CB2020-048 00:09:17

A Resolution Approving a Professional Services Agreement to Provide the Assessment Center and Written Examination Components of the 2020 and 2021 Fire Battalion Chief and Captain Promotional Processes

CB2020-049/50 00:11:35

A Resolution Approving an Amendment to 2015-2019 Citizen Participation Plan; A Resolution Approving an Amendment to the FY 2019/20 Annual Action Plan

CB2020-051/52 00:13:35

An Ordinance Approving an Annexation Agreement No. 3 Between the City of Champaign and Friendship Lutheran Church of Joy; An Ordinance Annexing Territory Pursuant to Petition

CB2020-053 00:16:00

A Resolution Approving the Preliminary Plat of Applewood Valley Phase II Subdivision

CB2020-054/55 00:17:16

A Resolution Approving a Redevelopment Incentive Program Grant Agreement; A Resolution Approving a Redevelopment Incentive Program Grant Agreement

CB2020-056 00:20:52

A Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of One Aerial Bucket Truck and Declaring One Aerial Bucket Truck as Surplus Property

CB2020-057 00:23:14

A Resolution Approving an Agreement for Engineering Services for the Boneyard Creek North Branch Final Design ? Phase B/C

Council Comments 00:24:58

City Manager Comments 00:32:34

Vouchers & Payroll 00:32:55

SS2020-12 00:34:11

Proposed Library Operating Fund Budget

SS2020-13 00:51:53

Proposed Capital Improvement Plan

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